Iain Barclay

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My path to this point in my life has been varied – to say the least!

I left school early and was briefly apprenticed as an aeronautical engineer before turning to business. That wasn't a career path I was drawn to pursue either so looking for something more stimulating I worked for a year in a professional repertory theatre as an assistant stage manager and bit actor.

That was fun – but it wasn't really 'me', so I then tried Art School (My father having been a very talented artist.) where I specialised in sculpture. I had a definite talent for that – but not the dedication, drive, and passion, so it was time for another career change. Somebody suggested I try law and at the time it seemed like a good idea – it paid well and was strongly associated (at least in my mind at that time) with truth, justice, and fair play.

So I studied and practiced law for the next 7 years. Unfortunately truth justice and fair play all too often lose out to money and influence within the Westminster legal system – so it was time for another change! I didn't really know what I wanted to do so in the interim I obtained a heavy goods vehicle license and drove trucks and coaches for the next two or three years. (I think that was a 'boy' thing left over from my childhood!)

By the time that started to lose its interest for me I had already begun to study and practice yoga and meditation – giving me a very different perspective on life. Based on this it was suggested to me I would make a good nurse. Once I got past the identification of nursing with the female gender it increasingly appealed to me – so I applied for and was accepted into nursing training.

I loved it! Finally I had found something that brought out in me qualities I hadn't known existed and made the most of those I had already developed. And so I began a career in nursing that still continues – but I had also developed an interest in hypnotherapy as well. In 2005 I decided to take that interest a stage further and enrolled at The Academy of Hypnotic Science to do the Cert 1V course in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

It turned out to be everything I had hoped for and more. I learnt how the mind worked and how to work with the mind. The following year I commenced practicing as a Clinical Hypnotherapist – although I still continued to practice as a nurse on a part-time basis as well. In 2010 I took the next step and completed the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy – also at The Academy of Hypnotic Science. In 2011 I added the Diploma in Ego State Therapy to my CV. In the midst of all that I also successfully completed the 3 year Dru Diploma of Meditation Teacher training and commenced training as a facilitator for the Shiva Process developed by Swami Shankarananda.

Currently I continue to work in three of the most interesting and rewarding areas I can imagine:

My Qualifications: