Iain Barclay


What is it?

My workspace setup for councilling

Counselling is a therapeutic process whereby one person – the therapist, advises (counsels) another – the client, on how best to address and resolve the issues that are troubling them.

In days gone by counsellors would have been the elders in a community assisting others by means of their own hard won wisdom in the school of life.

Nowadays counsellors are trained and come from a variety of backgrounds – although the school of life is still a valuable training resource! I like to think of counselling as a process whereby the client and the therapist explore the issues being presented and together reach a better understanding of the situation, the forces that have created it, and how best to address it.

It is therefore a collaborative process that relies on the development of a safe, confidential, and caring relationship between you (the client) and me (the therapist). In this relationship I endeavour to act as a non-judgemental facilitator assisting you to better understand your feelings, behavioural patterns, relationships, social situations, choices and decisions.

In the course of this client / therapist relationship you will:

Counselling and hypnotherapy therefore go hand in hand – the one supporting the other.