Iain Barclay


First of all let me be honest, giving up smoking can be hard. You probably know that already. It doesn't help that it is a readily available legal substance and that a lot of the major stars seen in TV and films are depicted as smokers – even when they are supposed to be fit and athletic!.

smoking Graph

You may have also seen adverts that state that you can quit smoking in ONE session – guaranteed! Well, while that can be done – and I have had clients who did just that, I would like to share some statistics with you from a large research study conducted in America:

Multiple session hypnotherapy to stop smoking was shown to be BY FAR the most effective strategy. Consider the diagram indicating the success rate for various alternative approaches to giving up. Single session hypnosis produced a success rate of about 25% - similar to three other methods, whereas around 66% of those who had at least 4-5 sessions quit completely after 6–12 months.

My approach is based on that model – but first of all I like to determine what kind of smoker you are: Is it purely an ingrained habit? Do you smoke to relieve stress? Is it an addiction, or is it a combination of these factors? Or is it something else entirely? The answers to these questions will determine what needs to be done. Actually the most important question is whether - or not – you really want to stop smoking? If you actually like smoking and are only attempting to quit because your family or partner want you to, or you're feeling the social pressure derived from it's (deserved) reputation for causing significant ill-health, then any attempt to stop is up against it! However even that can be overcome if at least a part of you wants to break the habit! This is the wonderful thing about working with the mind – there is almost nothing that can't be 're-programmed' given a desire for change.

If you are worried that multiple session hypnotherapy might be fairly expensive (relatively true) think instead about how much you currently spend on smoking. I believe you will find that the money saved by quitting will not only easily pay for my services, but in one year you will have saved enough money by not smoking to give yourself a pat on the back with some serious retail therapy or a really great holiday! It's up to you.